About STD through oral sex

Oral sex is sexual intercourse using your mouth and / or tongue. There is a data that more than 70% of young couples have experienced oral sex, only 20% out of which use condom during the act.

Why is there a possibility that you get infected with STD through oral sex?

While there some who think that STD is transmitted through the contact of genitals, STD viruses actually exist also within your mouth or throat.

There are following two cases for infection with STD through oral sex:

1] Infection from genital to inside of mouth

STD viruses existing in genital will invade the inside of the mouth of your partner through oral sex. Mucosal membrane in the mouth is vulnerable to bruises, where you’ll be thus infected with such virus.

2] Infection from inside of mouth to genital

STD viruses existing in the mouth and / or throat will infect the genital of your partner through oral sex.

To prevent STD through oral sex

If your partner has STD viruses, you’ll be soon infected with STD. Therefore, tightly wearing a condom even during oral sex will lead to the prevention of STD.

What STD will you be infected with through oral sex?

STD easily transmitted through oral sex include chlamydia, herpes, or gonorrhea, etc. Let us explain these STD as follows:

1] Chlamydia

Infection with chlamydia will cause symptoms such as swelling or pain in mouth and throat or fever; infected in the genital may entail pus exuded or pain when urinating or itching in urethral tube.

The possibility of infection when having oral sex without a condom with someone infected with chlamydia, while depending on the situation, is considered to be more than 50%, meaning the chance of one in two.

In addition, since chlamydia have few subjective symptoms, it often will increase the number of those infected, unnoticed.

2] Herpes

Infection with herpes in the mouth will cause water blister, rash or swelling lymph node. Infection in the genital will cause symptoms such as red rash, water blister, or tumor.

3] Gonorrhea

For men, gonorrhea will likely produce symptoms such as pain and pus when urinating or swelling of urethral tube; for woman, while about 80% of them won’t have subjective symptoms, the rest of 20% will experience symptoms such as pain when urinating, abnormal bleeding or pain in lower belly.

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