STD Symptoms in Men

This article will introduce STD of men, especially ones to be easily infected with. Even when symptoms shown here are not readily observed, however, if you are frequently engaged in sexual intercourses, more often than not you may have been already infected with one.

The reason for this is that there are many cases where subjective symptoms aren’t entailed even when you are infected with STD.

Thus, for STD that is short of subjective symptoms, it is important to regularly take STD testing. Taking STD testing will reveal whether you are negative or positive; even if you are positive, the prescription of appropriate medication by your doctor will prevent further progress of such STD.


Chlamydia is a typical STD that men are susceptible to being infected with. With chlamydia for men, the pain of urethral tube or unpleasant feeling when urinating is often entailed as the main symptom.

Not only such pain, but also pus exuded from urethral tube or great swelling of testicles might be seen.

You may get infected with chlamydia through sex or oral sex; its initial symptoms will show up within 1 -3 weeks at the earliest; more than one month at the longest. Its infection routes are: anus, vagina and mouth (oral sex).

Since for more than half of men who are infected with it its subjective symptoms do not appear, it is impossible to detect it unless you take STD testing in such cases.

If you are infected with Chlamydia, then your immunity will be lowered, which will lead to the 3-5 times heightened possibility of getting infected with HIV.


Gonorrhea is STD that has as many infected patients as chlamydia does. Symptoms for gonorrhea will appear more readily than for gonorrhea, easy to recognize the infection by yourself.

The main symptoms for gonorrhea are: pain when urinating, pain in testicles upon erection, swelling of penis, and yellow pus exuded when urinating.

The time span for pathogenesis of gonorrhea to start is rather short, 2-7 days after infection. Due to its speedy infection, STD check needs to be received early when such symptoms are observed.

In addition, there are cases you get infected with gonorrhea together with chlamydia, since the two have the same infection routes.


This is an infection caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). For men, warts will appear around the tip of glans and anus.

The size of warts is mostly 1-3mm by diameter, the color of them varies as black, white, pink or dark brown; the shape of them can be like a cockscomb.

The incubation period for HPV is approximately 3 weeks to 8 months, hard to know when you got infected even when its symptoms come up.

Even if infected with HPV, you may sense few subjective symptoms such as itching or pain; if you find such warts, you are advised to take STD taking as soon.


Genital herpes will be caused by simple herpes virus, with the first-type and second-type. It is troublesome STD, recurred once you are infected.

Why does it recur? This is because viruses cannot regenerate themselves and thus survive by sneaking into cells.

Viruses of genital herpes will incubate in the nerve cells of your lower body, with recurring cases conspicuous where they get activated when your body is not in shape.

Its main symptoms are: water blister or tumor on the external genital with pain, urethra inflammation or fatigue felt.


Syphilis is STD caused by germ called treponema pallidum.

For men, lump on foreskin or genital will appear, while you may not notice it with pain not entailed in most of the cases.

Syphilis will repeat its incubation period and one to show symptoms, with the infection rather hard to be noticed for its symptoms. It is very dangerous STD as its germs over years will regenerate themselves all over your body to greatly damage your health if left untouched.


HIV is virus that renders your bodily immunity conspicuously lower, making you subject to getting afflicted with various diseases. The initial symptoms may include fever of around 39-40 ℃ like a flu.

This initial symptom will take place within 2 weeks after infection with HIV if any, not always observed. As related medications can suppress the activation of HIV nowadays, you can live not harassed by it during your entire longevity.

These are the introduction of STD and their various symptoms. As explained in the summary paragraph at the top, since there may be cases where subjective symptoms are not observed even if you are infected with STD, you are not to be assured for symptoms not yet seen.

As taking STD testing will clearly show whether there is STD infection or not, you are advised to regularly take such testing.
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